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A citizenship of Uganda of full age and capacity who acquires citizenship of a foreign country and is required by law in that country to renounce citizenship of Uganda. He/she is required to make the declaration, and upon board's approval, he/she will cease to be a citizen of Uganda.

Steps for Application


  1. Proof of profession/occupation
  2. Covering/application letter from the Applicant (addressed to Secretary National Citizenship and Immigration Board)
  3. Letter from current country requesting for the renunciation.
  4. Recommendation letter and National Identity card of recommender (Ugandan by birth of substantial standing)
  5. Copy of the other country's current passport bio data page/proof of acquisition of other citizenship
  6. Recent Passport size photograph
  7. Medical report of sanity from a certified Doctor
  8. Recommendation letter from Uganda Embassy/Mission in your country of residence
  9. Birth certificate
  10. Proof of Ugandan Citizenship (copy of Ugandan passport/Parents' passport/National ID)
  11. Statutory Declaration


  1. Application fee upon approval UGX 100,000