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Directorate of Citizenship & Immigration Control

The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control is a Public Service Institution under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and is responsible for managing migration to and from Uganda. The Directorate is also the Secretariat of the National Citizenship and Immigration Board established under Article 16 of the Constitution and a member of Justice Law and Order Sector.

Services Offered include:

  •     Border management (facilitation and regulation)
  •     Processing and issuing of visas, passes and residence Permits
  •     Processing and issuing national and regional travel documents
  •     Inspection, investigation prosecution and removal of illegal immigrants
  •     Verifying and processing Ugandan citizenship
  •     Collection of Non-Tax Revenue.

Operational Jurisdiction

Immigration services may be obtained at any of our 52 gazetted entry/exits stations, three (3) Passport Control Offices, 11 passport centres and 9 regional offices.