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Dual Citizenship for Non Ugandan

Steps for Application


  1. Download and complete Form AA (re-attach Duly signed and notarized)
  2. Personal bank Statement for last 3 months
  3. Proof of payment of NSSF and PAYE of employees (for employers)
  4. URA Personal Tax Clearance Certificate/NSSF payments (for last 2 years) and proof of company ownership (for directors)
  5. Recommendation letter and National Identity card of 2 referees (Ugandan by birth of substantial standing)
  6. Valid Certificate Good Conduct from Interpol (issued within last 6 months)
  7. Copy of the current passport
  8. Recent Passport size photograph
  9. Medical report of sanity from a certified Doctor
  10. Notarized oath of allegiance (download and re-attach duly signed)
  11. Recommendation letter from LC1, RDC and DISO (from area of residence)
  12. Evidence of ten years’ continuous legal stay in Uganda (copy of Work permit, CR and DP)
  13. List of achievements or innovations which you have made in your occupation or profession
  14. Current immigration status (valid for at least 2 years)
  15. Copy of other countries citizenship certificate and Passport
  16. Evidences that your country permits dual-citizenship
  17. Cover letter from the Applicant (addressed to Secretary National Citizenship and Immigration Board)
  18. Proof that you possess rare skills and capacity for technology transfer or Socio economic contribution


  1. Non Refundable cost USD 200
  2. Application fee upon approval USD 5,000