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PRESS STATEMENT: 28 Suspected Illegal Immigrants arrested

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC) continues to execute its mandate of ensuring that foreigners live in Uganda in accordance with the law by routinely checking on their Immigration Status.

In view of the above, today Monday 25th, 2016 our Department of Inspection and Legal Services carried out a routine check with a view to arrest foreigners living or working in Uganda without proper immigration facilities such as:

·       working without permits on Visitors passes

·       Expired immigration facilities

·       Working in a place other than the one for which the facility was granted (Abuse of immigration facility)

·       Forged immigration facilities

·       Some are working with assessment sheets that have not been cleared

During the routine check today, the inspection team arrested a total of twenty eight (28) suspected illegal immigrants of different nationalities including 11 Indians, 12 Chinese 4 Pakistanis, and one (1) from Hong Kong. 


Investigations and further verifications are ongoing and further details shall be availed as soon as they are ready.

After verification and thorough investigations, those arrested may be:

·       Released if the right documents are provided

·       Fined in accordance with the law

·       Prosecuted in the courts of law

·       Deported

Way forward

ØAll foreigners are advised to always carry the necessary documents on them to ease their interaction with the inspection officers.

ØThose who submitted applications to the DCIC MUST carry their Receiving Slips.

ØThose who have Work permits MUST work only in the places for which the permit was granted.

ØThose whose permits were approved and assessments issued are urged to pay for their facilities to avoid being caught on the wrong side of the law

ØThe fine for Illegal Stay is USD $ 100 for every day overstayed

ØAsylum seekers are not under any condition expected to work in the country.

ØRefugees are required to apply for work permits in order to be able to work.

Ugandans are urged to exercise their civic duty and report anybody they suspect could be working or living in Uganda without proper immigration facilities.