DCIC Headquarters

Kampala ImmigrationHeadquarters (and Passport Control Office) American:  Plot 75, Jinja Road next to British  Tobacco plant (BAT)

A. Department of Inspection and Legal Services
i) Timely and Appropriate Legal services provided.

  •      Provide legal and advisory services within ten (10) working days
  •     We shall provide a charge sheet for prosecution within 48 hours from the time of the arrest.

ii) Inspection and investigation of immigration matters


The Directorate is headed by the Director for Citizenship and Immigration Control and comprises of three major departments each headed by a Commissioner.

Who we are

The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control is a Public Service Institution under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and is responsible for managing migration to and from Uganda. The Directorate is also the Secretariat of the National Citizenship and Immigration Board established under Article 16 of the Constitution and a member of Justice Law and Order Sector.

To be the model of excellence in Immigration service delivery